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Mantis Boxing (Tanglang Quan) is a traditional Chinese Martial system founded during the Kangxi reign (1662-1722). Creation of the animal mimics principle is attributed to Wang Lang, who is said to have founded the system after witnessing a mantis attacking and killing a cicada. Tanglang Quan mimics the mantis' movements, it's spirit and ferocity. Mantis boxing, using the widest range of techniques and fast and stabile footwork, has evolved to a comprehensive and complete system.

Hand sets
The Qixing Tanglang sets in our system are as follows, but are not limited to what are shown:

1.十八叟拳 Shibasou/18 Old Men
2.崩步拳 Bengbuquan/Crushing Step
3.大翻車拳 Dafanchequan/Large Tumbling Chariot
4.插捶拳Chachuiquan/Piercing strike Fist
5.躲剛拳 Duogangquan/Avoid Hardness
6.白猿偷挑 Baiyuantoutao/White Ape Steals The Peach
7.黑虎交叉拳 Heihujiaocha/Black Tiger Criss-Cross
8.梅花拳 Meihuaquan/Plumflower Fist
9.螳螂偷挑拳 Tanglangtoutaoquan/Praying Mantis Steals The Peach
10.攔截拳 Lanjiequan/Obstacle Interception
11.大架式拳 Dajiashiquan/Big Gesture Form
12.單插花拳 Dan Cha Huaquan/Single Thrusting Flower Fist
13.梅花手拳 Meihuashouquan/Plumflower Hand
14.白猿出洞 Baiyuanchudong/White Ape Exits The Cave
15.四路奔打拳 Silubendaquan/Four Routes Running Combat
16.雙插花拳 Shuang Cha Huaquan/Double Thrusting Flower Fist
17.梅花落拳 Meihualuoquan/Plumflower Falling
18.小虎燕拳 Xiao Huyan Quan/Small Tiger Swallow Fist
19.落鷹爪拳 Luo Ying Zhang/Falling Eagle Palm
20.螳螂出洞拳 Tanglangchudong/Praying Mantis Exits The Cave
21.一路摘要拳 Yilu Zhaiyaoquan/1st Route Essential Fist
22.二路摘要拳 Erlu Zhaiyaoquan/2nd Route Essential Fist
23.三路摘要拳 Sanlu Zhaiyaoquan/3rd Route Essential Fist
24.飛雁掌拳 Feiyan Zhang Quan/Wild Goose Flying Palm Fist
25.醉羅漢拳 Zui Luohan Quan/Drunken Arhat Fist
26.小架式拳 Xiao Jia Shi Quan/Small Gesture Form Fist
27.小翻車拳 Xiao Fan Chequan/Small Tumbling Chariot

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