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Luohan Quan is one of the oldest systems of the Northern Shaolin Monastery. Because it was a secret style containing the most advanced martial techniques, many legends speak about it. The origin of this style is credited to Bodhidharma (Da Mo), an Indian prince, monk and the first patriarch of the Ch'an buddhism in China.

At that time, outlaws were a potential threat that could endanger the transmission of the teachings of Da Mo. To ensure the survival of the Shaolin Temple, Da Mo created a special guard, the 18 Lohan.

The 18 Luohan were a group of carefully selected monks who received a very advanced martial training. According to the legends, each of The Luohans was a specialist in one single technique. It is said, that with Da Mo in command, the 18 Luohan fought the country's outlaws and tyrants. By protecting the people, the Shaolin Tenmple gained reputation, power but many enemies as well.

Later, after Da Mo's death, the style was taught to a very limited number of students with the purest character. During the training, the 18 essentieal techniques passed down from the original 18 Luohans were always stressed. Because deeply influenced by the Ch'an buddhism, in Luohan Quan violence is never stimulated.

After the destruction of the Shaolin Temple, Luohan Quan mingled with other styles. On it's base more then 48 different systems of Kung Fu were created.

Master Dou Wanchun learned the style from Grandmaster Chan Kowk Wai who learned the style from Ma Jian Feng, who learned the style from Sun Yu Feng, who learned the style from Yuan Tong, who belonged to the direct genealogy of the Shaolin Temple.


Luohan Quanmen (羅漢拳門) hand sets:

1. 第一路羅漢拳 Di Yi Lu Luohan Quan (First Routine Luohan Fist)
2. 第二路羅漢拳 Di Er Lu Luohan Quan (Second Routine Luohan Fist)
3. 第三路羅漢拳 Di San Lu Luohan Quan (Third Routine Luohan Fist)
4. 第四路羅漢拳 Di Si Lu Luohan Quan (Fourth Routine Luohan Fist)
5. 第五路羅漢拳 Di Wu Lu Luohan Quan (Fifth Routine Luohan Fist)

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